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Sleep Apnea Dentists of New England has been providing treatment for obstructive sleep apnea since 1997. One of the first four dental practices to be accredited by the Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM), we are committed to offering the most up-to-date therapies for obstructive sleep apnea. 


Dr. Vicki Cohn and her staffed have changed my life… and possibly saved it. I didn’t even know I had a sleep apnea problem – no horrible snoring, no problem sleeping, no lethargy, etc. - until my pulmonologist suggested I do a sleep study as part of a battery of tests for a separate issue. The results from that one test showed that I had moderately severe apnea (an average of 26 incidents an hour) and I had absolutely no idea. After trying a CPAP machine, and hating every second I had to wear it, I found Sleep Apnea Dentists of New England. Dr. Cohn fit me with an oral device and it has been wonderful. After the first night wearing it, I woke up energized and felt like I had really slept soundly; it was incredible! I was accustomed to going through my day without a good night’s sleep so I never realized that I wasn’t really sleeping at all. The difference in how much I am now able to accomplish during the day and how well I feel after using the device is truly night and day. Everyone at SADNE is terrific and they make the entire process easy. I am very grateful.
5 Star Rating
Dec 2019

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