I had pretty much given up on ever finding a happy ending to my Sleep Apnea problems, so thank you and your staff for positively impacting my quality of life. I hadn't had a good night's sleep in about ten years and now I sleep like a baby.
Paula B
Dr. Cohn and her friendly staff care deeply about fixing my sleep apnea. I feel totally comfortable and in good hands when I visit their welcoming office. Dr. Cohn spent plenty of time explaining my problem to me and then offering multiple options for treatment. She took the time to understand my lifestyle and concerns. The treatment I ultimately selected has worked wonders, and I no longer wake up 10 times a night! I highly recommend Dr. Cohn to anyone who's been suffering with sleep issues. She's the best!!
Marcy R
I have had central and obstructive sleep apnea for as long as I can remember. I am on my fourth oral appliance. I went for my one month follow up this morning. I must say that Dr. Cohen and her team have been extremely meticulous and my appliance is very comfortable and seems to be helping tremendously. They take precise measurements and make the according adjustments instead of just filling your mouth with plaster and telling you to bite down. The Dr. has been a miracle worker thus far!
Mitch M
I am so grateful for the services of Dr Cohn and her staff. They are wonderful individuals and easy to deal with. All medical offices should -- but don't always -- meet these bars. In addition, Dr. Cohn brings knowledge and innovation to the needs of her patients. Recently Dr. Cohn devised a very creative solution to the dental treatment of my sleep apnea, one that dealt with contradictory objectives, not a straightforward case. Dr. Cohn's solution, smart *and* clever, is working. If sleep apnea is your diagnosis and if you cannot or would prefer not to use CPAP, or even if you *do* use CPAP, take yourself to see Dr. Cohn. You'll be grateful for her too.
R Burnstine
I have had my sleep apnea appliance for quite a while now and was busy packing to go away overnight. Guess what I forgot to put in my suitcase, my appliance and did not realize what I had left behind until it was too late. The night was terrible, all night long I kept waking up choking. I was exhausted the next day and slept all the way home, 2 hours. Thankfully my husband was driving as I could not keep my eyes open. Dr Cohn and her staff are exceptionally wonderful. Very dedicated and professional in a very kind caring environment. I am very grateful to have this quality of life all due to their wonderful work.
Joanne B
It was to be a rare occasion to thank a dentist for suspecting I had a serious medical condition. Your determination of sleep apnea based on various conditions in my mouth was accurate. Thank you for calling it to the attention of my cardiologist that in your opinion I had sleep apnea which was then found to be a severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea by Mt. Sinai Sleep Center. Continuing treatment has now been provided. I thank you for your keen observation and related medical expertise and professionalism.
Al K
Dr Cohn designed an oral appliance for my obstructive sleep apnea. Other traditional treatments proved unsuccessful; so Dr. Cohn was to be my last chance resolution for this condition. She had to work closely with both my Ear, Nose, & Throat and Orthodontist in order ensure my device would not negatively impact any other diagnosis/treatment. She worked with me diligently through appliance design and adjustments. I found Dr. Cohn to be kind, patient, and an excellent Dr. And yes, she was successful.
Anthony M
You changed my life! I haven’t felt so good in years. Your attention to detail and care of your patients is a welcome change. Thank you for doing what you do!
Lisa P