Dear Patient,

Hello, and welcome to Sleep Apnea Dentists of New England. We are pleased you have chosen our practice to address your sleep apnea condition and we look forward to meeting you. By now, you will have received a separate e-mail from Intake-Q with a secure link to complete your Pre-Visit Paperwork. Please be sure to review our X-RAY and cancellation policies.
While we can’t give you back the sleep you have lost, we can work with you and your physician to help you finally get the rest you (and perhaps your bed partner) so richly deserve. Our promise is to work hard to help alleviate the symptoms and limitations caused by this serious medical condition. We want to improve your quality of life by increasing every hour of restful sleep you get.
Your physician has referred you to our office as he/she feels confident you may benefit from an intra-oral appliance custom designed to open your airway during sleep. An appliance will treat your apnea and/or snoring by reducing or eliminating apnea episodes.

Disrupted breathing during sleep affects millions of people around the globe. 

The causes are varied which means effective treatments must be as well. As the Northeasts’ leading Sleep Apnea Dental Practice we work closely with referring physicians and other medical professionals to bring you closer to the experience of a Good Nights Sleep once again. It takes a team —- a team which includes YOU — to get you sleeping well…night after night. By having seen a physician and received your diagnosis you have taken the first important step.Your journey to better health and quality of life starts with better sleep. Coming to see us is the next important piece of the puzzle. Rest assured….better days and NIGHTS are ahead of you! 

We look forward to seeing you at your scheduled appointment.  

Best Regards,  
Dr. Vicki Cohn and The Team