• Migraine

    Recent studies show how a migraine can be predicted.

    Sleep quality and energy levels are two of the biggest indicators of an impending migraine attack, the study showed. Get inspired by a weekly roundup on living well, made simple.   Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a sense of when a debilitating migraine may be on the way? You may be able to do so, […]

  • No More CPAP Machine

    Philips Suspends U.S. Sales of Breathing Machines After Recall

    Original Post | New York Times Under a settlement with regulators, the company must revamp some operations before resuming sales of its CPAP and ventilator devices in the United States. Philips Respironics announced on Monday that it would halt sales of all of its breathing machines in the United States after reaching a settlement with […]

  • Sleep and Heart Health

    Why people should prioritize sleep quality over quantity.

    By Analisa Novak – February 19, 2024 / 11:59 AM EST / CBS News When it comes to maintaining heart health, it’s not just how long you sleep — it’s how well you sleep that matters equally, if not more, said Dr. Shelby Harris, a behavioral sleep psychologist and clinical associate professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. “Poor quality sleep […]

  • Elderly woman unable to sleep

    Can obstructive sleep apnea negatively impact brain health?

    Original Article | Medical News Today Obstructive sleep apnea is the most common type of sleep-breathing disorder that affects nearly a billionTrusted Source individuals across the globe. A recent study published in Neurology suggests that obstructive sleep apnea and a reduction in deep sleep, also known as slow-wave sleep, were independently associated with an increase in white matter abnormalities […]

  • Sleep Energy Drink

    Energy Drinks Linked to Poor Sleep Quality, Insomnia Among College Students

    January 23, 2024 | Chelsie Derman | Original Article Male college students were found to consume more energy drinks than female college students, and they had a greater risk for a short sleep duration due to energy drink consumption. College students may consume energy drinks to stay alert, but the beverage may make people sleepier—a […]

  • Coffee and Computer Screen

    From Caffeine to Screens: Everyday Habits That Might Be Ruining Your Sleep

    A peaceful night’s sleep often remains an elusive dream for many, with daily habits being significant culprits. The subtle interplay of what we consume, our digital indulgence, and even our bedtime activities can significantly influence the quality of our slumber. What Habits Could Ruin Your Sleep? Take caffeine, for example. Renowned as a morning pick-me-up, […]