• Sleep Apnea Induced Depression

    Link Between Sleep Apnea and Depression

    New research has explored the link between sleep apnea and depression and suggests that the former may be one reason that depression treatments fail. Around 20–30%Trusted Source of people with depression and other mood disorders do not get the help they need from existing therapies. Depression is the “leading cause of disabilityTrusted Source worldwide.” For this reason, coming up with […]

  • Mouth Guard to Prevent Teeth Grinding

    Have trouble grinding your teeth? Here’s how to control it.

    By Sally Wadyka | June 20, 2022 featured in Washington Post Dr. Vicki Cohn was interviewed for her professional insight regarding the issues with grinding your teeth at night. Below is the article including Dr Cohn’s input. Dentists reported a 69 percent jump in patients who clench or grind their teeth during the pandemic, according to […]

  • Baked Potatoes for Sleep

    Why Potatoes Are the Perfect Food for Sleep 

    While it may seem like a strange pick, there are a few reasons why potatoes are some of the best foods to eat for better sleep. 

  • Woman Suffering from a Migraine

    Restricted Sleep Increases Some Symptoms of Migraine, Study Finds

    Original Article | Sleep Review PharmacyTimes: Using a transcranial magnetic stimulation method, researchers have found that reduced sleep alters central nervous inhibition from GABAergic and dopaminergic mechanisms differently in individuals with migraines versus those without. Migraine is a primary headache disorder with a well-established association with insufficient sleep. According to the study, migraine affects approximately […]

  • Woman Having Difficulty Sleeping

    Why do more women struggle with insomnia than men?

    Sleeping is an essential part of our lives. It helps us recharge for the next day. Research in this area has helped understand various sleep disorders. But most research has dodged the question of how different women’s sleep patterns are compared to men. Why is insomnia more common in women? The National Sleep Foundation survey, one […]